Fornetto Razzo Bullet Smoker

Fornetto Razzo Bullet Smoker


The new Razzo by Fornetto is an all-in-one, multi-purpose outdoor smoker, which allows you to cook delicious food using the low and slow method using either wood or charcoal, for that authentic smokey flavour.

You can smoke, roast, steam and barbecue meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables til your heart's content.

It features a grill, two oven chambers and two stainless steel internal stackable baskets. Each section is removable so you can cook for as many or as few as you like. The unit itself is very portable so you can take it camping, to a party or even the park for a picnic. You can literally shrink it right down to make it more portable - by simply removing one or two of the sections.

The Razzo is made using the highest quality enamelled steel and stainless steel to help retain heat and withstand high temperatures.  Easy grip silicone door handles provide protection while sturdy aluminium tripod legs provide stability.  A temperature gauge enables you to monitor food while it cooks whilst two oven doors allow you to top up with water or fuel as required.


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